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Website System Features:
1. One-page module: Can release various types of information, such as business profile, organization, business honor, contact information, etc., and free additions and deletions.
2. News module: Can release corporate news and industry news, support two columns, the number of columns unlimited.
3. Product module: product support two categories, and orders for products can be ordered directly, and support for mail notification, more in line with corporate marketing.
4. Photo module: Photo album, you can post successful cases or company albums and other columns, more intuitive display of business superiority.
5. Download module: Users can upload documents in the background to facilitate the site customers to download and use.
6. Online message: Let the customer's suggestion message can be timely feedback to the enterprise, and support for mail notification, so that communication becomes more convenient.
7. Product Search: Product search can be entered on the keywords entered by customers, increasing the flexibility of the website.
8. Product Replication: The added product can be copied, which increases the efficiency of adding products.
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